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Of Pinheads and the CCPM

Posted by Skye |

Jonn Lilyea, the astute blogger of This Ain't Hell has crafted a remarkable expose of the more colorful characters in West Chester that stand in opposition to the weekly American Sheepdog Pro Victory Rally. "PinHead" is an entertaining edition to the collection of oddity known as the CCPM. He is pictured above hiding behind his curious sign. Jonn has posted a collection of "PinHead" action shots along with his well researched documentation on this character.

"PinHead" takes his place among other luminaries of the fringe left who inhabit a corner in West Chester every Saturday for an hour. Earlier, this year I posted a video of another WC character fawning over Chavez, even given the tyrant a playful salute. WARNING: The devotion expressed by the duo towards Chavez is nausea inducing:

Interestingly, this is a Chavez groupie that bristles at being labeled a communist. Say it ain't so!

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