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Monday Evening Blend

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Barak is looking to reincarnate the WPA, yet refuses to give any indication of its cost. A 2002 review of FDR's New Deal explains why it failed, yet the incoming administration is poised to repeat the same mistake in 2009. Did you know we already passed a ginormous spending bill in 2008 addressing roads and bridges Obama wants to fix in his modern day WPA?

Mark Steyn asks what the heck is a 'practicioner' in his brilliant essay - Jews get killed, but muslims feel vulnerable.

Jason Falls details the top 10 mistakes of blog promotion. Good stuff for conservative bloggers.

Rush Limbaugh loves Sarah Palin - So do I. Who else believes Joy Behar spends more than 100,000/month on botox? I do.

Many changes that have been ushered in with the Great Mistake in 08. During this election cycle we have been witness to politicians and activists using words and actions to malign women, specifically conservative women. You can most certainly call this resurgence in the Salemesque treatment of women a change, it was bad for those uppity women of Salem, and it is bad for women today.

Whopper Virgins really do exist. Peace through superior hamburgers.

I'm #9 on this exclusive list....for now!

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