11:19 PM

IVC - First Thursday

Posted by Skye |

Had a great night out in Philly. Starting with the International Visitor Council's monthly meet & greet, followed by meeting the remarkable blogger Dr. Melissia Clouthier. She is an intelligent and articulate woman. I'm pleased to have had the opportunity to meet up with her during her trip to Philly.

A sprinkling of rain did not dampen the good time that was shared by all. In fact it made it all the better to photograph Philly at night. The Christmas tree was glowing in City Hall and the guests at the IVC event sparkled.

All photos taken by the magnificent neocon

I encourage visitors to Philly to check out the IVC events going on during their stay. If you are lucky enough to be in town during our monthly meet and greet, make plans to attend.

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