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Gov. Sarah Palin: Conservative of the Year

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The ever illuminating Anne Coulter names Governor Sarah Palin as the 2008 Conservative of the Year:

Liberals were angry at Palin because they thought she should look and act like Kay Bailey Hutchinson: Upper crust, prissy and stiff.

Palin had a husband in the Steelworkers Union, a sister and brother-in-law who owned a gas station, and five attractive children -- one headed for Iraq, one a Down’s syndrome baby and one the cutest little girl anyone had ever seen.

In a nutshell, Palin was everything Democrats are always pretending to be, but never are.

Governor Palin is a political game changer. Her meteoric rise to become the People's Princess of American Politics ignited a firestorm among feminists. Governor Palin, simply by being who she is, enabled the feminist establishment to reveal their inner misogynist. By attempting (and failing miserably) to destroy Governor Palin, they have destroyed themselves and their credibility in the eyes of real women. The world will be more stable and peaceful with women like Governor Palin and less rhetoric from NOW. She may not have shattered the ultimate glass ceiling for women in politics this election cycle, but I will always be grateful to Governor Palin for shattering the illusion of modern feminism.

I love Anne's ending:

In time, HUMAN EVENTS’ 2008 Conservative of the Year will be ready to be our President and someday can sweep into office and dismantle all the heinous government programs Obama and the Democrats are about to foist on the nation. Who knows? She might even be able to run as the candidate of "hope" and "change."

Human Events editor John Gizzi interviewed Governor Palin on her selection as Conservative of the Year. It is good to read an interview focusing on real issues regarding her life and role as govenor of Alaska. Her favorite feminist icon is Susan B. Anothony. How cool! I am ever in awe Susan B. Anthony especially when I recall this quote: "I have encountered riotous mobs and have been hung in effigy, but my motto is: Men's rights are nothing more. Women's rights are nothing less. " Looks as though Govenor Palin is closely following in the footsteps of Susan B. Anthony. Good.

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