H/T Tony Phyrillas:

Rep Curt Schroder, R-155, has announced he is returning his COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) back to the state Treasury:

With many families across the state and nation in crisis due to the credit crunch, the housing market decline and general economic free fall, Schroder said now is the time for substantive action to prevail over symbolism in order to save taxpayer money.

Schroder is starting in his own 155th Legislative District by:

· Returning his COLA to the state treasury.
· Returning nearly $3,000 left in his legislative expense account for 2007-08.
· Returning a new color copier that is being installed in all district offices, noting that the existing black-and-white copier was adequate and working just fine.
· Cutting postage costs by eliminating the mailing of 2009 House calendars. (Schroder invites anyone interested in obtaining the 2009 House calendar to stop by his office at 315 Gordon Drive in Exton).
He also noted he will continue to explore other ways to save on postage by using more electronic communications.

Now would be a great time for you to discover what your State Senator and State Representative have done with their COLA. Unsure who is your Senator and Representative? Check out this helpful LINK. Just type in your zip code and you will be given the names and contact information of your state Senator and Representative.

I have already emailed mine: State Senator Mike Stack (D) and Representative John Sabatina (D). I will post my inquiry and their replies as soon as they become available.

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