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Sunday with Ferris

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The week's edition of Back Channnels, my intrepid Inquirer journalist reports from the wilds of West Chester, Pa in order to speak to the East Young Republicans:

The night Barack Obama accepted his party's nomination for president in Denver, John McCain appeared in an ad saying:

"Sen. Obama, this is truly a good day for America.

"You know, too often the achievements of our opponents go unnoticed. So I want to stop and say, 'Congratulations. . . . Tomorrow we'll be back at it, but tonight, Senator, job well done.' "

It was a classy move, and McCain was every bit as gracious and dignified in his concession speech Tuesday night. Of course, tradition dictates that we'll be back at the politics and partisanship soon enough. First, though, there's another tradition, offering prayers for our leaders and the nation.

Americans have a habit of seeking grace in tough times.

Make no mistake we are heading towards a four year storm. In many ways life can be a storm, you can bask in sunshine one moment then be thrown against rocks the next. What defines your character will be what you do when that storm comes. I've no doubt the nation will benefit from the new leaders that will rise in this adverse environment.

Photo shamelessly borrowed from the East YR's website.

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