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Back Channels: A Soldier Makes The Case For McCain:

The most elegant case put forth in favor of voting for McCain I've read to date. Iraq vet, Bill Wade, deployed NINE times to protect our nation, speaks of his reasons for supporting McCain in this election:

Wade refers to himself as an "Irish-Catholic Democrat and McCain supporter." The leadership and courage the former POW has shown, both in the military and while serving in Congress, make him an easy sell for Wade, who is now a reservist and small-business owner. But Democratic leaders helped push Wade away, too.

"The Democratic Party I grew up in is not the same party of Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi," Wade said. "When Harry Reid said the war was lost, that was a kick in the stomach to me." Reid made those remarks while Wade was working in the Capitol.

"What I learned from that experience down in D.C. was that we don't have leaders in Washington. We have politicians," Wade said. "A politician will say whatever he has to say to get reelected, and McCain has proven time and time again that he is a profile in courage.

"McCain stood up to the Bush White House on detainee torture, on Guantanamo Bay. He stood up against his own party and was berated, and imploded his presidential campaign over immigration reform. Whether you agree with him or not, he took a stand.

"Where has Barack Obama ever stood up for anything? Where has he stood against his party?"

Wade is as ready for change as anyone, but not in just any direction.

"Change is a beautiful thing, but what's behind the word change? What are we getting from Obama? It seems to be unknown. At least with John McCain, his life has been an open book. You know where he comes from, you know where he stands, you know where he's going."

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