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RNC Chair composed of Steele!

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Some good news since the Great Mistake of 2008. Michael Steele announces his bid for the Republican National Committee on Fox News highly rated show, Hannity and Colmes. 

It was not Steele's audacity to tread where many democrat politicians fear to tread - Fox News - it is his clarion call to the conservative base of the GOP that gets my vote:

Via WSJ:
We must articulate a positive vision for America's future that speaks to Americans' hopes, concerns and needs. It's time to stop defining ourselves by what we are not, and tell voters what we believe, how we'll lead, and where we'll go; how we Republicans will make America better; how we'll make their families more prosperous, their children better educated, their parents more secure, and all of us healthier, safer and stronger.

When Skye met Steele at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference:

Jonn at This Ain't Hell agrees with me. Yes, he is a brilliant man.

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