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How about a supersized helping of bankruptcy for the US auto industry instead of a supersized bailout.Would the US be better off without such bloated disasters?

The voters in California, Arizona, and Florida have spoken regarding traditional marriage. Can some of the 52 to 48 people spread your message of unity and tolerance to the prop 8 maniacs?

Blue Grass, Red State chronicles a stolen election. Go here to read about the Dem theft and who you can contact.

Luke Warm:

Every growing list of the Manchurian Pres-elect broken promises can be found HERE.

Someone actually fell for the Nigerian e-mail scam. Seriously. Probably voted for the Manchurian candidate as well...

Ice Cold:

Bloggers foil James Hansen, head of NASA's Goddard Institute, most recent damnation of human based global warming.  

The four horsemen of the Obaclypse sees a chill wind in the new FCC appointees regard of the Internet as a utility ripe for regulation. 

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