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Grassroots Revolution

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Caleb Howe, a tremendously gifted video blogger and writer crafted this video prior to the Great Mistake of 2008. The message of this video rings strongly in the aftermath of November 4th. BTW - The woman in this video reminds me of Sarah Palin come November 2012:

The message of groundbreaking organization so cleverly explored in this video resonates today with organizations such as:

Grassfire.org Their goal " is to impact key issues in our nation by equipping hundreds of thousands of citizens with tools that give our partners a real impact on issues. Through online petitions and breakthrough media efforts, Grassfire.org is building a proactive Alliance of conservative citizens who can make a difference in our nation."

Anystreet.org can get you organized at the street level 24/7/365 to get the conservative message out to the public. They are gonna need it when the O-fizzle wears off.

The Republican National Committee is looking for input via the website RNC: Republican For A Reason.

If you have not looked into what you can do for the next two years, shame on you. Come join us, we have much work to do in the next two years.

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