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Broken Promises Weekly Report

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Can you believe that it has been over a week since the biggest mistake of 2008 and his side-kick, Mr. Gaffetastic, won the presidential election?

In just over one week:

Jobless rate jumps to a 14 year high.

The nation's jobless rate surged to a 14-year high of 6.5 percent in October as employers braced for a deep recession by chopping payrolls at an accelerated pace, the government reported Friday.The Labor Department jobs report "depicts an economy still in free fall and without a safety net anywhere in sight,"

Bloomberg sees disaster in the president-elect's choice for his transition economic team - The Bailout Bunch:

So, by my tally, almost half the people on Obama’s economic advisory board have held fiduciary positions at companies that, to one degree or another, either fried their financial statements, helped send the world into an economic tailspin, or both. Do you think any of that came up in the vetting?

The transition team is planning on asking Sec Def Gates to remain as Sec Def Gates in the new administration. Jonn Lilyea translates this bit of news for us non military types:

It’s Obama’s first “present” vote as President - by sticking with Gates, he’s admitting that President Bush was right on the strategy for the war and Obama is reluctant to make any tough decisions on the war - regardless of his flaming rhetoric to the contrary on the subject during the 21-month campaign. And you can’t say Hillary Clinton didn’t warn us - or Joe Biden for that matter.
The new administration sent advisors to meet with Hamas - so much for transparency and honesty in the new administration:
“We were in contact with a number of Obama’s aides through the Internet, and later met with some of them in Gaza, but they advised us not to come out with any statements, as they may have a negative effect on his election campaign and be used by Republican candidate John McCain (to attack Obama),” Yousuf said in an interview with London-based Arabic-language newspaper Al-Hayat, published Tuesday
The new administration will not overhaul the Bush administration intelligence policies and will not close Gitmo:

WASHINGTON — President-elect Barack Obama is unlikely to radically overhaul controversial Bush administration intelligence policies, advisers say, an approach that is almost certain to create tension within the Democratic Party.

Looks like those that voted for green have been thrown under the O-bus:

On Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Obama’s chief campaign strategist, David Axelrod, explained the role of lobbyists in an Obama administration this way:

“No one who’s an active lobbyist, no one who’s been lobbying on issues for the last two years related to their industries is going to come into our administration and work on those.”

Child labor and a civilian draft have been altered then deleted from the Change.gov website:

Via Ace

I wish I could chalk it up to site maintenance, but, I went through the whole site, and the only thing changed is the "Agenda" part. Besides, we are dealing with a full blown Socialist here.

It will be interesting to see what the "Agenda" says tomorrow.

Morons, I fear our nation is looking at President-elect Flaming Douche. But look on the bright side. If we bloggers keep criticizing The One's Change website, eventually we'll get it Hopefully Changed into a super cool porn site.

I'm sure there is more that I might have missed, but it looks like this compilation will continue till Jan 20, 2013.

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