For two years, Congressman Murphy has done nothing but claim the work of his predecessor Michael Fitzpatrick as his own.

That makes one pause and ask what has Murphy done for his constituents?

He campaigned on a promise to end the war in Iraq, thankfully, his promise turned out to be a spectacular failure in the light of the success of The Surge.

He was all smiles with Nancy Pelosi, who also pledged to end the war in Iraq, as he signed on to non-binding Iraq resolution that opposed the Surge. Considering the success of the surge in Iraq, his support of this non binding resolution seems reckless and ill advised.

He cheerfully accepted donations from Fannie Mae, as he voted to spend 800 billion of our tax dollars to cover the impending failure of Fannie Mae mortgages. His vote has sent a bill of $40,000 to each and every tax payer in the 8th district. In a typical anti war fashion, he blamed the mortgage crisis on the Iraq war. Yeah, we all know the Iraq war forced banks like Citibank to give sub prime loans to questionable borrowers in 1994. Or was that Barak Obama?

It is not that Congressman Murphy has not actually produced anything on the tax payers dime - he did manage to find time to write his memoirs during his first few months in office. When he wasn't fine tuning his biographical opus, he was busy requesting 30 million in earmark spending for what specifically, he won't comment.

Speaking of earmark funding, how soon will Congressman Murphy release the names of each and every earmark sponsor of the bailout bill? Go ahead and ask him - we are the ones paying for them.

Who precisely is funding Congressman Murphy's campaign? It is well known that he has accepted donations from Fannie Mae, but a quick look at his campaign war chest reveals who else owns his vote. Guess what - it is NOT his constituents:

Nearly half of his campaign funding comes from out-of-state donors. That level of donation requires a response from the candidate, and it usually come in the form of a vote. What else would be expected from a supported candidate:

This organization famous for declaring to the DNC :"
Now it's our party: we bought it, we own it, and we're going to take it back." Well, they may not own the DNC, but they certainly own Congressman Murphy.

Congressman Murphy has voted 100% of the time along the DNC party line during his brief two years as a Congressman. There is no evidence that he would behave differently if re-elected. Is his goose-stepping to the party line the embodiment of the "Change" envisioned by Obama.

Perhaps he learned such goose-stepping from his political best friend - Bill Perry. An anti-war veteran, much like Murphy. In Vietnam, Perry is famous for leading his troops into an ambush and watching as the 'platoon gets pretty well shot up". On the political level, reckless and ill advised support of resolutions can have the same devastating effect on soldiers.

Let's summarize what has he done for his constituents lately:

Congressman Murphy has claimed the hard work of his predecessor as his own, failed to deliver on campaign promises, voted to take minimally $40,000 in tax dollars from every single one of his constituents, has a steady stream of funding from out of state donors and has crappy taste in political allies. Is this the change you voted for in 2006? Is this the "Change" you want in 2008?

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