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Team Sarah Video - Wink, Wink

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Team Sarah's response to Obama's Wink ad. Team Sarah is a diverse coalition of women dedicated to advancing Sarah Palin's Vice Presidential candidacy. Men welcome too!

Philadelphia's Evening Bulletin printed this articulate dissection of the media's treatment of Sarah Palin:

Dear Gov. Palin,

I am writing to you to apologize. I apologize for the way the mainstream media has treated you since Sen. John McCain chose you as his running mate. The scrutiny you have endured during this campaign is unimaginable, but you have handled it quite well. Sens. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden have been given free passes from the mainstream media while you have had to defend and explain everything from faith, to teen pregnancy, to foreign policy. I often wonder what it might be like for your children and your husband to watch the evening news and to hear how the leftists of mainstream news-making portray you as a "right wing nut job" whose only talent is shooting moose and riding snowmobiles. It must be frightening for your children to see news reports out of Philadelphia that protestors actually made T-shirts describing you in an abhorrently derogatory manner.

I apologize for the way Hollywood has slandered your name and portrayed you as a provincial hockey mom with a funny accent. I apologize that they fail to see your good nature, your intelligence, your forthrightness, and your ability to wear many hats as you balance civil service with family service.

I apologize for celebrities like Matt Damon, Pam Anderson and Madonna who pontificate on their world stage and claim to know more about government than you do. I am sorry that they think their celebrity status and a few starring roles gives them political omniscience. Your upright life has shined a light in places of darkness for them. In you they see morality, class, and dignity - things they don't have; therefore, they upbraid you any chance they get.

I apologize for the main stream media accusing you of banning books, asking you "gotcha" questions, and questioning who paid for your wardrobe. Instead, they should be asking you what you think of Barack Obama's links to Fannie Mae and the current mortgage crisis, or how drilling in ANWAR might ease our dependence foreign oil from Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Iran. They should ask you what you think of Palestinians setting up phone banks in Gaza to call Americans and urge them to vote for Barack Obama. They should ask you what you think of Hamas - a known terrorist, anti-American, anti-Israeli organization - supporting Sen. Obama.

I apologize that the mainstream media throws softball questions to Sen. Obama and then investigates who paid for your clothes or pries into your daughter's personal life. I apologize that the issues aren't at issue in this election, and it is largely because of news outlets like ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and The New York Times.

I apologize that the mainstream media considers you a cog in a political machine. I consider you an intelligent woman, a patriot, a Christian and a wonderful person who would be ready to lead America should she be called upon to do so.

You are everything that true conservatives have been waiting for since Ronald Reagan and I apologize that America seems to hate you for that. You support traditional marriage and understand the gender roles of men and women. You defend my right to own a firearm to protect my home. You choose life. You believe in a strong national defense and your son serves in the U.S. Army. You believe a limited government serves its people better than one that over-taxes and overspends. You believe in strong families.

I am confident that you would uphold the Constitution and serve well as vice president of my country. I apologize that America continues to condemn you for these things. I apologize that liberals and elitists are frightened by all of these wonderful things about you.

Thank you, Sarah Palin, for putting America first.

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