So did John Galt, Bill Ayers, osama bin laden! Is this the street money being used to get out the vote in Philly?

Via Ace:

Craig, aka John Galt aka Saddam Hussein, now reports that Obama's "rigorous screening" of credit card transactions is, what's the word, a lie.

It took a few days to confirm, but as of this morning all four charges have posted to my CC account (see attached). Remember, these were all separate donations made by:

John Galt

Saddam Hussein

Osama Bin Laden

Bill Ayers

And I have the screenshots to prove it. Also, I made another attempt this morning to make a $10 donation under the name Tony Rezko (See attached.) And it went thru again. So reports that this has been fixed are erroneous.

Further, last night on Sheppard Smith’s 3pm-ET show this issue was brought up briefly and they cited the Obama campaign falsely claiming that this sort of thing happens at the McCain site and that they catch these errors later in the processing. Well, it took three days to process my donations and they all skated through their rigorous screening.

Screen shot of CC account:

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