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Politics Before Country

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Politics before Country thy name is Democrat

Mike's America has detailed how dems put politics before County:

Yesterday, I speculated that Nancy Pelosi delivered a sharp partisan attack on the House floor moments before the bailout bill was defeated because she really did not want the bill to pass.

Despite the fact that many Democrats tried to claim credit for negotiating the agreement to bring the bill to the floor of the House we now have more confirmation that indeed Democrats did not make any effort to seek the bill's passage which might have alleviated the sense of crisis surrounding this issue.

Later, as I described on Sunday, Obama basically ran the Democrat side of the White House meeting last week where the first "deal" fell apart. Democrats would have been only too happy to join hands on the White House lawn and declare Obama's leadership as the decisive factor if they had succeeded in forcing House Republican leaders to accept the even worse bill (loaded with ACORN and other goodies)that was being promoted prior to the White House meeting.

But the White House meeting broke up in part because of what Washington Post Reporter Jonathon Weisman called Obama's "hectoring performance" that did more to create an atmosphere which made a deal more difficult if not impossible. In Obama's first real test of leadership he failed to bring people together. He actually made things worse.

And what was Obama doing in the hours leading up to the bill's defeat? Was he doing his best to encourage wavering Democrats in the House to support the bill?


This ain't hell weighs in on the 1.3 trillion:

But, I want to explain this huge lie about the supposed $1.7 trillion loss earlier this week. The only people who lost money are the people who shifted it around at the bottom of the market, sold off stocks and locked in the lower value. There was no loss since when you buy stocks or mutual funds you’re buying shares. The number of shares you own didn’t change (unless you sold them). What changed was the value of your shares.

Obama claimed that $1.7 trillion was “lost”. It wasn’t lost…it’s still there when the market recovers. In fact, I usually buy shares when the market makes wild swings, because that’s when the market is headed back north.

Suppose you had a new car and had an accident with it. It lost value in it’s battered condition. You certainly wouldn’t sell it in that condition and eat the loss, would you? So you take it and get it repaired as good as new and the value recovers. It’s the same with the stock market. You don’t sell off your battered stocks off while they’re still dinged up.

Obama is hoping you’re stupid enough to think that everyone lost their collective shirt the other day. If the market worked like that, no one would ever buy stock. The Democrats want you to think that they are your salvation, the only chance you have for a future.

The economy will recover…regardless of whether the bailout happens or not. The bailout will speed up the recovery, which seems to be everyone’s big concern here, but the US economy is the strongest in the world and it’ll always recover, the value of your stocks will return. But knowing that doesn’t make you vote for Democrats.

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