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The Gloves Come Off

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Must Read: Caleb Howe - Obama's Pals

Democrats and their friends in the press are moose-hunting angry this morning over Sarah Palin's recent comment that Senator Obama "pals around with terrorists" which she made in reference to his being pals with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers. The big line of defense we hear against this charge is "guilt by association". Their argument is absolutely true, if the charge is terrorism. You can't call Obama guilty of terrorism merely for associating with terrorists.

Of course, it's a straw man position. He isn't being accused of any guilt which ought to be Ayers' burden. He's being accused of precisely what he is guilty of: associating with terrorists. That's not guilty by association. It's guilty OF association ... association with information, I might add, because there's no way he didn't know about Ayers. Even if he didn't know about the terrorism, a loudmouth radical like Ayers doesn't keep his loudmouth radicalism under wraps. It was on account of his leftism that he and Obama made such frequent and successful allies.

What's more, it is not an isolated argument from the right. The question is more than one of Ayers. The question is, rather, why are so many of Obama's friends such low-lifes, and why doesn't anyone care?

The Gloves Come Off:

Sarah tells a protester what the Sheepdogs have been saying for over a year:

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