11:22 PM

The First Dude as the New Feminist

Posted by Skye |

Rachel Campos-Duffy, former cast mate of MTV's iconic "The Real World - San Francisco", has penned a tribute to the First Dude, Todd Palin:

Todd Palin is the untold story of this election. He is a blue-collar snowmobiling fisherman who is secure enough in his masculinity to hold babies and host teas for the former first ladies of Alaska.

During Hillary's campaign, Bill Clinton couldn't help upstaging her and his narcissistic rantings cost her dearly in a razor thin primary. On the other hand, the "First Dude" of the most macho state in our union coolly stands in the background supporting his successful wife without a trace of resentment or envy.

Maybe that's evolution for you. Boomer husbands talk the talk, but Gen X hubbies walk the walk.
With his wife on the brink of making political history, Todd steps up to the plate by redefining what comprises "Mr. Right".

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