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Pictured above is a Sheepdog demonstrating proper use of an M-16 (not an AK 47).

It has come to my attention that the rifle used in CCPM's counting of the body bags memorial on Saturday is an AK-47, NOT the traditional M-16. An eagle eyed fan of my work brought this to my attention. I have not served in the military, nor have any experience around guns (note to Phil Carter - this is what a disclosure looks like).

With permission from the author, I am posting a cropped photo of the memorial and the description provided to me:
To mark the location of a fallen Soldier on the battlefield, their rifle is thrust muzzle first into the ground and their helmet is placed on the butt. During memorial services by military units, the fallen are customarily represented by that same display accompanied by a pair of boots.

During the Saturday, October 11th “Peace Vigil”, the Chester County Peace Movement mocked our fallen by using a boots, helmet and rifle display that incorporated al-Qaeda's weapon, an AK-47 instead of the one used by American troops, the M-16. Around the world, the AK-47 is the symbol of terrorism, Marxism and “revolutionary struggles”, best exemplified as a such a symbol by socialist Mozambique which incorporates the weapon into its flag.

This travesty was not a simple mistake. The core group of the weekly vigils includes Vietnam Veterans Against the War, people who know the difference between an M-16 and an AK-47, yet no one noticed, no one objected?

A Winter Soldier views the AK-47 during the rally:

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