This was one of the most glaring gaffes from last night's debate. McCain spoke of the bracelet given to him by the mother of a fallen soldier. His words were heartfelt and the name of the soldier rolled of his lips. Obama cuts in with the statement "I got one too.." and his words go downhill from there...

A commenter (the bronze) at Flopping Aces puts this action by Obama in context:

What a freaking tool!

I don’t have to look at my KIA bracelet to remember his name. I brought his body back from Iraq.

And I didn’t have to look at the MIA bracelet that I wore for almost 20 years before that, either, because I met his parents so I could get to know the man I wore on my wrist.

I’ll never forget their names as long as I live.

But to Barry O’Bama, a KIA bracelet is a political prop, just like the American flag pin he now wears on his lapel. The same one he refused to wear a little while ago…

He’s a disgrace.

Is it not surprising Obama had to peek at the bracelet to get the name of the soldier. Why would he care about the name of soldier in a war he objected to and voted to cut funding for political expediency.

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