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Convention Conference Call

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Via Liz Mair:

(SAINT PAUL, Minn.) – On Monday, September 1, senior Republican officials will hold a conference call to update members of the media on the 2008 Republican National Convention. Call opens at 9:30 a.m. CT; Call begins at 10:00 a.m.

UPDATE: This just in from Rick Davis and Jo Davidson:

  • There will be a Gulf States Working Group at the Convention
  • An affected states information center will be set up at the Xcel Energy Center
  • Louisiana delegates and guests were transported back home.
  • Comfort packages will be packed and shipped to affected areas from the Minneapolis Convention Center. Target and Fed Ex are leading this endeavor. The convention organizers are looking for volunteers are need to help put together the care packages, delegates included.
  • Fund raising efforts to specified charities.
  • There will be a card(?) printed with Country First and a phone number to get you in touch with ways you can help in this effort. On the back of the card will be listed charities and contact information.
  • A charity phone bank is being set up at the Hilton Hotel in Minneapolis.
  • Church services will be conducted.
  • Cindy McCain will be speaking to delegates to encourage them to help out the victims of this downgraded Category 2 hurricane.
  • Sarah Palin will speak at the convention.

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