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Code Pink-Gate

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I've read with interest the stories around how Code Pink gained access to the Xcel Center. Michelle Malkin, Jonn Lilyea, Gateway Pundit and Tygrrrr Express have written extensively on this sad tale.

Allow me to share my two cents on this issue:

The photo above is one of my credentials to the Convention. Note that the credential has no name or photo of the owner. Security at the Xcel Energy Center focused on individuals having the correct credential for the area that they were entering and not confirming that you are the precise owner of that credential.

After McCain's speech, I wandered back to the media filing center to upload photos, where I witnessed a pretty young thing hand a delegate floor credential back to the owner - a blogger attached to the New Hampshire delegation. He then told her to keep the credential as a souvenir.

Although there is no name or photo identification,a bar code tracks back to the individual assigned to the credential. It would be a simple task to discover who the credential belonged to based upon the bar code. For an employee of a large media organization to hand a pass to these idiots would be a career destroying move. I'm leaning towards the idea that it was a disgruntled delegate, or a credentialed blogger or an independent media outlet that purposefully obtained credentials for the purpose of handing them over to code pink. I'm not sure that any small indy media outlet or blogger would cry over being banned from attending future Republican conventions.

On a related note:

Is it a coincidence that MSNBC's skybox was located next to al-jazeera?

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