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Characters on the Left and Elsewhere..

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A convention always draws a large melange of people , most being quite colorful. I've selected a few photos to illustrate the rainbow that was on display in Minneapolis-St.Paul this past week:

Meet the canine Obama and Hilary. I don't recall which one was which, so I will leave it up to my readers to decide. In a conversation with their owner, he revealed that he temporarily renamed them this week to Hilary and Obama. Cute dogs, strange owner.

Two thoughts come to mind in the next photo:

1. This woman is as perpetually single as Maureen Dowd.

2. This woman has astronomical dating standards.

Only at a convention can one partake in the exquisite experience of spending quality time in a personal 'Free Speech Pen'. With this customizable and portable 'Free Speech Pen' you can take your unalienable right of free speech anywhere in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Act now and you can get not one but TWO 'Free Speech Pens' for the low, low price of $19.99 plus S&H.

*Sigh* C'mon, think happy thoughts!

In a few days, he will stop staring at me.

In a few months McCain/Palin will make history!

Happy Thoughts, People!

Looks as though someone got lost on the way to the mothership...

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