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Change We Can Do Without

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Carly makes vagina gazing Democrats Socialists drool:

"A major corporation is not the same as being president or vice president of the United States. To run a business you have to have a lifetime of experience in business. Neither Sarah Palin, John McCain, Joe Biden nor Barack Obama has this experience. But that's not what are doing," Fiorina said.
Is this the best 'gotcha' the media and the DNC can get on McCain/Palin? Yawn. I thought we were voting for POTUS and not President of Acme Corp? I believe her statement is above the pay grade of most liberals, hence the cackling from the left-o-sphere.

Anyway, I had a great chat on Blog Talk Radio with the hosts of Unusable Signal. They were quite surprised to discover the Democrat Platform essentially cut and pasted several demands from the 1920 NSDAP policy. Many of the demands resonate with the modern day Democrats than Conservatives. Until the democrat party relegates liberals to the minority fringe, we will see the nation continue with a one-party system.

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