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West Chester Rally 8/9/08

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On a sunny Saturday, 41+ Sheepdogs gathered on the steps of the Chester County Courthouse exercising their constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech. Under a blue sky, we greeted returning friends and welcomed newcomers into our midst as we proudly honored our troops and our nation.

It was a beautiful day indeed, with many patriots and few pinheads present.

Congratulations to a Sheepdog turned Bulldog! Sharon Hyland Keyser graduated from Marine Officer Candidate School (OCS) recieving Second Lieutenant Bars in Quantico, Va.

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Come join us! We rally every Saturday on the corner of High and Market Streets, West Chester, Pa from 11:45am till 12:15pm. More Photos from the rally can be found on Flickr. Videos from the rally can be found on YouTube.

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