7:57 PM

West Chester 8/23/08

Posted by Skye |

It was a glorious day for a rally! The Sheepdogs were out in force, 40 to 45 smiling patriots, stood on the corner of High and Market in West Chester. Our children were happy and bright as they stood with the adults. I saw no smiling kids on the opposite corner, or smiling people for that matter.

Real men were Red, White and Blue.

Correction to the sign above: The Surge HAS WORKED. Someone send the memo to Biden.

John Grant, looking for any type of 'gotcha' photo, had an illegal moment by walking into oncoming traffic. What can one say - desperate times call for desperate measures from the peace protesters. When confronted by me he cowardly scurried away.

The CCPM's own peace-slapper and Obama supporter made an appearance today. We had a prepared statement for him:

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