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West Chester 8/2/08

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Photo by Sean

The Sheepdogs were smokin' HOT today - the rain did little to curb our fire! The peace protesters had an anemic showing for their special rally - barley 50 showed up LATE to protest for peace. Yet again, the we documented another breaking of the agreement by the peace protesters. Every week, they prove they are incapable of sustaining a simple separation agreement. All of which is being documented and reported to the WCPD.

The motorists of West Chester were treated to the weekly Saturday display of what is good and right about this Nation. The amount of honks and thumbs up from passing motorists clearly revealed their preference for our display.

Come join the celebration! We gather every Saturday in West Chester, Pa on the corner of High and Market Streets starting promptly at 11:45 am till 12:15 pm.

It is always a pleasure to spend a couple hours of my week with such positive and talented people. Enjoy the following pic-spam of today's rally:

The peace protesters have certainly expanded in size:

A lone unadulterated U.S. Flag left in the trash bin:

But they are the patriots, don't you know?

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