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VFP and CCPM: Masters of the Big Lie

Posted by Skye |

Here’s a classic example of the outrageous lies Marxists(VFP & CCPM) are prone to tell, as in the case this AAR from the CCPM:

“There seems to be an effort on the part of some in the pro-war group to make a big case that we are conspiring to "infiltrate" their ranks, a charge that is, well, ridiculous. What kind of intelligence might we be looking for? “

Yep, nothing going on here, but why take the word of someone with no integrity. Ignore all what we’ve seen with our lying eyes. Let’s decide if Grant is a liar by looking at what The Director of the CCPM has already said about movement's program of domestic surveillence of Americans. The Director had not only targeted Americans with a different political view, she keeps tabs on the loyalty of CCPM followers as evidenced by her “I know who you” remark directed towards members who did not follow her orders and were duly turned into the CCPM KGB.

CCPM-Sun Jun 15 12:04:00 EDT 2008:
We will shine as much light as possible w/out appearing obsessed with them (as they are with us) - just perhaps 'Reports on the Militarists' or something like that - I think we can counter this group by making sure all our people know exactly who they are. Periodically, I can issue an e-mail about 'what this group is up to' - esp. focusing on any politcal connections.

CCPM - Sat Jun 14 21:38:14 EDT 2008:
On one of them you will see clear ties of our little Saturday 'pro-war' group's alliance with the Republican Party. I have long maintained that their motive has absolutely nothing to do with 'support the troops' or the crazy war . They have never shown once ounce of real concern about 'our troops.' Their whole political raison d'être has EVERYTHING to do with the Republican Party. (when you 'google me,' do a little 'Where's Waldo?' and see if you can find the photos of 2 of that group at a recent Republican meeting of some sort -

CCPM - Tue Oct 16 06:29:16 EDT 2007:
AND bring cameras if you can - either for still shots or videos. We need documentation of everything going on.

CCPM - Sun Oct 14 07:35:07 EDT 2007:
I have notified the police and other authorities (and am pursuing all possibilities) about just who these people are.

CCPM - Mon Oct 22 06:30:08 EDT 2007:
To anyone who 'talked back' to counterprotestors--you know who you are--DON'T I'm not going to single anyone out, but I have been given some identifying information - so I know who you are in a couple of cases.

Important to note how easily the Director of the 'Peace' Movement would subvert the legal West Chester Police Department from a law enforcement agency charged with keeping the peace into her own personal Jack Booted Thugs to do her illegal domestic surveillence. The VFP and CCPM “documentation” efforts parallel the way Himmler got his start in the Nazi SS. Because Himmler kept extensive files on the Jews and could tell Hitler “just who these people are” he rose to power in Nazi Germany.

It’s scary how closely the CCPM/VFP psychosis parallels that crucible of evil.

Peace out....way out.

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