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RNC Convention Update

Posted by Skye |

A detailed first look at the podium from which our future President will deliver his acceptance speech. Yes, folks, I will be in that stadium, and I just realized I've nothing to wear - hello Anthropologie!

The details according to the organizers:

The podium will stand four feet above the floor, where the delegates will be seated. Behind it, there will be a video wall, measuring 51 feet, six inches wide by 30 feet tall. The wall will be made up of 561 Hibino four-millimeter Chroma LED panels, and it will give everyone in the convention hall a perfect view of the speeches and videos that will be part of the program of events.

In the City of Brotherly Love: Mayor Nutter uses Taxpayer dollars to foot the bill for select staff to attend the DNC Convention.

I am one of 150 credentialed bloggers selected to cover the GOP convention in Minneapolis St. Paul. As a democrat and citizen of Philadelphia, I am proud to represent Philadelphia at this political and national event. Both conventions impart information that is beneficial to our city. Through my blogging, I am freely sharing my experiences at this convention with my readers and the citizens of Philly. Yet the leadership of Philadelphia chose to go to ONE convention - and found a way to use taxpayers dollars to finance this trip. Philadelphia does not exist in a political vacuum. In the spirit of bipartisanship, I suggest the Mayor find a way to finance my trip to the GOP Convention.

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