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A House Rising

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From the desk of John Boehner:

Boehner Challenges Rank-and-File Dems: If You’re Really for Increased American Energy, Put it in Writing

Washington, Aug 5 - House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) today issued the following statement in response to an article in today’s Politico that suggests Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has secretly signaled to rank-and-file House Democratic lawmakers that they should feel free to portray themselves publicly as pro-drilling if it helps them politically:

“My message to Democratic lawmakers is this: if you’re really for increased American energy production, then prove it by putting it in writing. Sign the discharge petitions House Republicans are circulating that will force votes on energy legislation Speaker Pelosi refuses to bring to the floor. And sign onto the American Energy Act, our ‘all of the above’ plan to increase conservation, innovation, and American energy production, instead of doing the Speaker’s bidding by voting against bringing it to a vote. If you aren’t willing to put it in writing, you’re fooling no one. You’re siding with the Speaker of the Drill-Nothing Congress and radical special interests that favor higher gas prices, at the expense of energy-strapped American families.”

“This cynical strategy is disgustingly dishonest. Without any real solutions to help Americans who are struggling with record-high gas prices, it appears the Democratic leadership has hit on a new plan: deceive. Deceive the press, deceive its members, and deceive the American people. Democratic members have a ‘pass’ from their leaders to talk about drilling at home, while the liberal Democratic leadership – which is beholden to special interests that want higher gas prices – plays ‘rope-a-dope’ back in Washington, ensuring there is no vote to help the American people before November. It’s cynical, dishonest, and wrong – and it won’t work.”

NOTE: House Republican members have sponsored a series of discharge petitions on energy reform bills the House Democratic leadership refuses to allow to come to a vote on the House floor. Under House rules, if a discharge petition is signed by 218 or more House members, the majority leadership is required to schedule the legislation for a vote. House Republicans have also introduced the American Energy Act (H.R. 6566), a comprehensive energy reform bill to lower gas prices and move America toward energy independence through an “all of the above” approach. To date, however, rank-and-file Democrats have failed to demonstrate independence from Speaker Pelosi on American energy, refusing to sign onto the GOP discharge petitions and voting with Pelosi on procedural measures to prevent the American Energy Act from being considered on the House floor

#dontgo Movement
, a new grassroots website launches in support of the House protest. From the website:

#dontgo Movement is a collaborative effort being developed by a group of free-market, e-activists who wish to see Congress stay in Washington until a solution for our energy crisis is found.

Freepers meet Moveon.org'ers at the Capitol Building

A protest planned by MoveOn.org against the ongoing House GOP floor protest became a surreal scene Tuesday when right-wing activists showed up outside the Capitol to protest the protest protest.

The conservative activists, numbering about 20 and affiliated with Free Republic, stood behind the MoveOn speakers waving signs along the lines of “Pump Rage? Thank MoveOn” and “It’s the Supply, Stupid.” The MoveOn crowd countered with their own pithy “Drill and Spill, or Surf and Swim?” and “Just Say No to False Solutions.”

The FReepers chanted “Drill! Drill! Drill!” as MoveOn’s Ilyse Hogue tried to speak into a bull horn. A chant-off ensued, with the liberals trying a variety of chants -- “2,4,6,8, separate, oil and state” and “What do we want? Renewable energy” -- and the conservatives sticking mostly to “Drill!” The two crowds mingled together and shouted in each other’s faces.

Moveon Morons

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