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Back Channels: Fighter with Principle

This article is from last Sunday, I've been busy this week and have not had the opportunity till now to post on this Back Channel memorial to Tony Snow.

Fans of Tony Snow, laid to rest on Thursday, had any number of chances to see the beauty of his soul, whether as an eloquent host on radio and Fox News Sunday, an unflappable, enthusiastic spokesman for a beleaguered Bush administration, or as a man who refused to let a devastating disease rob him of his joy for life.

And those fans, particularly those on the conservative side of the aisle worried about the coming election, should take both comfort and inspiration in Snow's example of the last few years: Fight like hell for what you believe in, but in the fray remain principled and decent. Above all, don't lose sight of what's important: family, friends, love.
Tony's own words speak to his depth of his character:

"First thing I'm going to do is ... give you a pep talk," Snow said, then providing the marching orders:

"No. 1, Stop complaining.

"No. 2, Roll up your sleeves. We've got a lot of things to do."

High on that list was "proclaiming boldly what we believe, and don't be afraid ... to lay out the facts for those who don't get it." Snow also had a message for those engaged in "defiant defeatism," (ed. note: CCPM) a chronic inability to see the United States as a force for good. "It's a failure narrative that might be politically good ... but it's wrong," he said. In fact, he added, there is "no nation that strives so hard, so mightily and so effectively to get things right."

We certainly live in times where this advice is welcome and needed.

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