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Philly Bites

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CBS3 news anchor takes investigative journalism to new lows:

Via The Evening Bulletin:

Philadelphia - U.S. attorneys yesterday charged former CBS3 anchor Larry Mendte with illegally obtaining and reading the protected computer documents belonging to former colleague Alycia Lane.

Court documents filed in Philadelphia U.S. district court accuse Mr. Mendte of "intentionally accessing a protected computer without authorization and thereby obtaining information in furtherance of a torturous act." The single count covers 537 alleged illicit viewings of Ms. Lane's e-mails from January to May 2008.

Prosecutors assert that the anchor then leaked some of the messages' content to a major Philadelphia newspaper. Ms. Lane worked side-by-side with the defendant until details of her personal behavior made their way into the press, prompting her termination last December. She was arrested that month for allegedly hitting a policeman but charges were dropped.

537 times? They must have been some scorching emails!

Philadelphia named the 5th most walkable city!

On a more positive and less obsessive note: Philadelphia has been named the 5th most walkable city according to Walk Score, a website that assesses how pedestrian-friendly a city or neighborhood is in comparison to others. Surf over to the website and find out the walkable score of your neighborhood. It certainly beats being the city named #1 in voter fraud, now doesn't it?

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