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Hype: The Obama Effect

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Do you believe the HYPE?

'Ford O' Kabul River

Let's talk about the next war. At the moment, the presidential candidates seem tantalized by the prospect of some transcendent victory in Afghanistan. Sen. John McCain, I suspect, knows better. Sen. Barack Obama, I suspect, hasn't a clue.

To disabuse themselves of this illusion, they couldn't do better than to curl up with the Afghanistan volumes of George McDonald Fraser's fictional Flashman series.

One politician gets it, one does not. I'll give you a hint: I'm NOT voting for the clueless one.

Mr. Obama wows 200,000 in front of Berlin's Victory Column in Tiergarten.

The Column was intalled there as "part of never-completed plans by Adolf Hitler's architect, Albert Speer, for a grandiose remake of Nazi Germany's capital, which was to be renamed "Germania.""

Fox News reports:

The estimates for Obama’s Berlin speech ranged from the tens of housands to 1,000,000. Today the candidate said he doubted he’d get a million and laughed at the idea of 500,000, but he did draw an impressive 200,000 - the biggest campaign event of his political career.

His campain flunkies stressed that Mr. Obama's speech to the 200,000 odd Europeans in Berlin was NOT a political rally. Interestingly, he skipped over meeting with soldiers because he could NOT make a political point in the visit. Ironically, these are citizens that potentially can vote for him, not the 200,000 groupies who gathered to hear Mr. Obama speak at the Victory Column.

Fox News reports:

A memo sent out Wednesday from Undersecretary of Defense David Chu explained that Obama’s visit to such a military facility would be limited under these circumstances. Obama would not have been able to bring any of his campaign staff — only one Senate staffer and security. He also would not have been able to address the media or make any campaign-related statements.

Makes one wonder is this they another version of the 'Global Test' Kerry wanted to foist on our country?

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