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BSG Final Cylon

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BSG - Who is the final Cylon?

Ron Moore made a cryptic statement a few weeks ago when he observed that the final cylon was not pictured in the famous 'BSG Last Supper' photo shoot. Hmmm, Laura Roslin was present at this 'supper', but Dee, Zarek and Gaeta were absent.

My money is on Dee - she is the only strong female character who has not been killed off the show.

Zarek, the terrorist turned VP? Sounds a lot like the Prez of Iran. Nah, it would be too easy for this cretin to be the final cylon.

Gaeta, is a close second to Dee, in whom I believe is the final Cylon.

So, how many believe the last scene of the mid season cliff hanger was meant to be the remains the Brooklyn Bridge and NYC?

When in 2009 do you suppose the final episodes of this series will debut? It is the only 4 season series that played out over 6 years. Quite an accomplishment.

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