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West Chester Rally 6-28-08

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A sunny day greeted this merry band of patriots. We had an outstanding showing, with a new face from the Knights of Columbus. The flags and signs were greeted with numerous honks from passing cars. As we continue to stand on the corner of West Chester, the honking and thumbs up increases from the motorists. It is such a great response from the public, which thrills our supporters and annoys our detractors.

Ah, life is sweet in West Chester -thanks to all the Sheepdogs who steadfastly stand in support of our troops and our Nation.

Your very humble blogger, along with two brilliantly talented individuals, has crafted the video posted below. This video has been entered into the RNC Convention Video contest:

I love this sign - it puts everything in perspective:

With the Mehdi Army dissolving as I type this, can we take surrender off the table regarding the War on Terror?

This is an increasingly common sight in West Chester, Pa. A motorist thanking a Sheepdog for standing in support of our troops and America:

Another common occurrence in West Chester, Pa: Sarah Bones, an interloper from the other side:

For those who came late to the party: There's an informal agreement that we Americans (Sheepdogs) will not mix with the "peace protesters" and they would not mix with us.

Well a "peace treaty' is only as good as desire for peace on either side, their honesty in entering into such an agreement and their integrity in meeting their obligations under a peace agreement. Today Chester County Peace Movement, Veterans For Peace, Karen Porter and John Grant failed (yet again) to live up to both the spirit and letter of the agreement.

There is strong evidence that it was willful blindness rather than an honest mistake. The elderly woman with the tape recorder and professional looking camera was a CCPM ally. She's Sarah Bones, an "Indy Media journalist". Truth is that they are propagandists for the other side. To disarm people, they lie and say they don't have a side in an issue they interview you about. They are as honest and truthful John Grant would be....if John Grant were ever honest and truthful.

Here's two links, the first makes it clear she's "Indy Media" and second link shows that the Philadelphia Indy media Center was one group that were sent Porter's plea for reinforcements her planned Faux Flag Day. My suspicion is that Grant forwarded Porter's email, either way it's the same thing, CCPM=VFP and VFP=CCPM. Philly Indy Media is part of that side, not ours and certainly not neutral.

Philly IMC Photojournalist Sarah Bones Exhibition


Flag Day in Chester County: calling all colors


I look forward to her report on Philly IMC.

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