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VFP Salutes Chavez

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A representative from the office of the former Mayor of Macon, GA (Jack Ellis) and a representative from Veterans For Peace attended a live video broadcast of 'Alo Presidente' in 2007. Hugo was presented with an official proclamation of support from the former Mayor of Macon Ga.

This video opens with Chavez reading the proclamation to the assembled captive audience. Later in this video, a representative of the 'Mayor Without Borders' has the opportunity to greet Chavez and express the former Mayor's respect and honor of Chavez. The representative also notes the former Mayor of Macon has many similarities to Chavez.

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My fellow Sheepdogs, the next Anglo to speak to Chavez is a familiar face - John Grant. A member of Veterans For Peace/VVAW and local West Chester peace protestor. He is quick to note that 'many people in the United States don't feel like George Bush' . He then gives a quick half salute to this dictator.


Can we consider Chavez as a political backer for VFP and by extension CCPM?

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