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Sunday's with Ferris

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Kevin Ferris, a talented columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer has pointed the spotlight on a plan to actually FIX problems in our healthcare, economy and tax code. A real plan, with a framework and goals, to address the problems we face in today's America. I've always believed it was better to fix a problem, then to change it.

Republican's Plan To Take On The Big Stuff

Shhh. Listen. Hear that? It's a pulse. Faint, but there. An actual sign of life, one that could allay the fears of many about the state of Republicans in Congress. The blip comes courtesy of U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wis.), ranking member of the House Budget Committee. He has decided to forgo conventional wisdom about laying low on policy proposals while campaigns are in progress and offered ideas to secure the long-term fiscal and economic health of the country.

U.S. Rep Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) has submitted for public review a Roadmap For America's Future . This comprehensive plan addresses issues on runaway spending and economic growth, healthcare portability, and our complex tax code. It is a lofty plan, yet it is a start towards fixing problems instead of changing the issues.

Is it the perfect document, no. Is it a start on the road to a better future for our nation, yes. Constructing and publicizing this plan has puts something tangible on the table regarding today's issues facing America, more so than the nebulous buzzword of 'Change' that has infected this election cycle.

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