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The Audacity of Democrats

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Mike's America brings to my attention an essay posted at American Thinker:
The Audacity of the Democrats - this essentially describes the Chester County 'peace' Movement - a small microcosm of the anti-war, Dem platform. I've examples in video and newsletters from the CCPM that precisely match the points below.

The points here are illuminated in the longer text:

1) Create the illusion of widespread, honest dissent to Bush policies by giving plenty of airtime to leftwing groups and individuals historically antagonistic toward the projection of US, and only US, power. Fail to report the true agendas of those groups -- when covering antiwar, anti-Bush protests and events, make sure to meticulously portray antiwar marches as spontaneous gatherings of mainstream, mom and pop Americans.

2) Downplay, ignore and disparage American success wherever you find it.

3) Exalt in, sympathize with and mythologize America's enemies, vilify and deconstruct its protectors.

4) Present major news coverage of every antiwar protest you can find, whether it draws 100 people or 10,000 people, ignore all pro-US, pro-Iraq War, pro-troop rallies completely or portray their attendees as violence-prone, fringe-lunatic jingoists.

5) Once the onslaught of lies, moral relativisms and crazy notions have created a self-sustaining, luciferous, widespread unhappiness and confusion, dangle a fat bait of silence and tranquility -- of Hope, Change and Progress -- crowning your deceptive achievement by hooking the same fish you made hungry.

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