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West Chester Rally 05/24/08

Posted by Skye |

A sun-filled blue sky greeted our merry band of patriots this morning in West Chester. The day started on a high note with the discovery of a Wall Street Journal article that focused on Rich Davis and The Sheepdogs of West Chester. Denine was kind enough to bring a copy of the WSJ to the rally so we all could take a look at this article. Group Photo by the amazing NeoCon!

It was good to see some new faces today and some returning friends as well. Each week brings a new face, and we are happy to welcome them into our group. I look forward to seeing all of our newcomers at future rallies.

As we were wrapping up the rally, a gentleman from the Navy happened to walk past our group. Several of our members were quick to shake his hand and thank him for his service. I took this opportunity to introduce him to Frank, our WW2 veteran and faithful attendee of our rally. For my efforts, I was able to capture a photograph of two generations of heroes in West Chester.

Have you thanked a soldier today?

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