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West Chester Rally 05/17/2008

Posted by Skye |

The downpouring of rain on Friday yielded to a glorious sunshine day! The Sheepdogs were well represented and we welcomed several new members. I have relinquished the task of the group photo due to not having a wide angle lens to capture the entire group. The photo above was taken by the sublimely talented Sean Carpenter.
A Sheepdog thanks a Marine who was passing by and noticed both groups.

The view from the other side:

If they believe Iraq is a 'fool's mission' - what do they consider the troops in Iraq?

Note - only the troops serving in Iraq must 'come home now' - not those troops fighting the SAME enemy in Afghanistan, Ethiopia, or in the 'Stans. Also, why bring them home, why not redeploy those troops to these other regions where apparently it is legal and moral to fight the same enemy?

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