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Saturday in West Chester 05~03~08

Posted by Skye |

Group Photo: NeoCon. You can savor the rest of his brilliance HERE

A raw spring day greeted our merry band of victory vigilers as we entered into our 9th month of weekly rallies. 9 MONTHS! How time has flown by. It won't be long until we will celebrate our one year anniversary. Our side was treated with numerous honks, thumbs up and appreciative cheers from a group of Marines who happened to drive by - see photo below.

Today we were treated by the CCPM's version of my 6 year old nephew's game of "I'm not touching you", when two peace protesters wandered across the intersection to our side. The purpose of the separation is just that - separation of the two groups. The days of mingling together are over, due to the disruptive and aggressive actions of the peace group towards members of the victory movement. Again, the director of the Chester County 'peace' Movement was unable to uphold her membership to abide by this 'truce'. Typical.

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