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Adama For President

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Unfortunately, it is NOT this Adama for President. *SIGH*

Papa Adama seems to have a growing fanbase of supporters who would gladly punch their chad for Admiral Adama as President in 2008. I believe Adama has the fortitude and patented glacial stare to give overtake the Ron Paul vote in 2008. Go Admiral Adama - but please don't pose in towel!

UPDATE: Apparently, during the episode Sine Qua Non, Leland "Lee" Adama becomes the newly minted Prez of the fleet! As I am happy to see my Leland step into this important role; I am saddened by the realization that this new role will be devoid of 'post-flight' shower scenes favored by viper pilots and certain Naval aviators.

Hulu will air "Sine Qua Non" on June 7th. Until then, I will share with my dear readers

BSG Episode 9: Guess What's Coming To Dinner.

Matt and Nat of BSG Cast discuss Episode 4.09:

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