Today, a new sun rises over our merry band; everything about today invites one to cherish this weekly event in West Chester, Pa.

There could not have been a more perfect day for our Pro Troop/Pro Victory rally. Our presence on the Courthouse Corner was appreciated by the numerous honks of passing cars. How sweet it is!

We had a delightful treat after our moment of prayer. A female student of one of our regular attendees sweetly and publicly asked her boyfriend if he would like to attend her high school prom. Of course, he was quick to say YES!

Hello NOW….This is what ‘progressive’ looks like!

The magnificence that is NeoCon has produced yet another stunning series of photos, you can bask in the glow of this perfection HERE. Once you have savored NeoCon's photos, I suggest you complete this serving of gourmet photography by indulging in the artistry of Sean. It can be compared to pairing a fine wine to a gourmet meal. Perfection.

Last week marked a formal separation of our two groups to opposing corners. The increasing tension of the peaceful folk after the March 22nd incident prompted the police department liaison to suggest this separation. The Director of the Chester County Peace Movement presented this ‘after action’ report on the April 12 demonstration:

Ccpeacemovement at

Sat Apr 12 20:38:14 EDT 2008
I can't express how good it felt this morning at our vigil - and I think that feeling pervaded the group. It was a kind of homecoming, particularly for us long-time (5-1/2-year) vigilers. Somehow, the people looked happier, the music sounded even more wonderful than usual, spirits were higher - I think the main thing was a feeling of safety that we had not felt in 6 long months under virtual siege. No yelling in our faces, no pushing and nudging, no nastiness, threats, names, curses.... just true peace. For the first time in 6 months, I didn't have to worry about someone getting hurt, about violence, about rude words and gestures. We were back to our old selves. How sweet it was!

After reading this digest, I took note of the highlighted phrases and dug into my archive of videos. I’ve seven months of video documentation, and was not surprised to find footage of the peaceful folk demonstrating the actions described in the report.

The following video is a compilation of months of video documentation:

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