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Of Movies and Relationships

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John Hawkins, a talented and charming blogger, has recently posted an interview he conducted with several well-known conservative female bloggers on the topic of dating.

In his own words:

"I thought it might be fun to talk to some conservative women to find out some of their best and worst dating stories, to see if there's a difference between dating conservative and liberal men, and just to get a little of the dating advice that seems to do so well on CG."(Conservative Grapevine)

What a brilliant blog post! I'd like to add to this discussion with a selection of 'relationship' movies from my personal video collection. Below is a short list of flicks that should be required viewing by all men worldwide:


A heartless tycoon meets his match in the 1995 Sydney Pollack re-imaging of Sabrina. This version reworks Sabrina into an independent, stylish, and brilliantly tactful woman capable of holding her own when dealing with Linus Larrabee. She is no doormat and Linus is no pushover; yet these two driven individuals manage to discover a mutual respect and deep love for one another. Sometimes opposites attract - sometimes like attracts like.

Before Sunset

The 2004 sequel to the remarkable film Before Sunrise. This jewel of a film focuses on a conversation between two characters - Celine and Jesse - sharing a fading afternoon in Paris. The movie opens with Jesse wrapping up his European book signing tour in a Parisian bookstore when he encounters Celine. It has been nine years since they parted ways with fervent promises to meet again in 6 months time. Flash forward 9 years later to a bookstore in Paris and the spark is still there. The film was shot in largely real time in order to heighten the immediacy of their conversation. It is the chemistry shared between the actors and the candid dialog between the two characters makes this film stand out. Over 9 years, both characters have grown into functioning adults who, like all of us, have made mistakes along the way. In the following clip, they openly discuss personal relationship issues. In a rare display of on screen maturity, both manage to not blame anyone else for their relationship misfortunes. Something that needs to be practiced in real life, off screen relationships.

Forces Of Nature

A visual treat of a film, although the plot may be a bit weak. The story begins with poor Ben Holmes. He is two days away from his wedding in Savannah, unable to compose his wedding vows, and finds himself sharing alternate travel arrangements with a free spirited woman named Sarah. Did I mention they are being stalked by a hurricane? Sometimes people need a personal hurricane to help them sort out what is truly important in their lives. Sarah was Ben's personal hurricane.

Under the Tuscan Sun:

Note to guys worldwide: Sometimes breaking up with your girlfriend or divorcing your wife may be the the best thing you have ever done for her.


An incredibly warped perspective on modern relationships is presented in this film. This movie is the poster child for how NOT to have an adult relationship. In all fairness, it is well crafted movie with talented actors and actresses in the title roles. It is obvious they relished digging into the petty vindictiveness of these characters and I enjoyed their performance. However, I would RUN, not walk away from this type relationship.


The more cultured of women enjoy French cinema, so having knowledge of at least ONE movie in this genre can make a difference.

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