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COVERIT LIVE: Democrat Debate 04/16/2008

Posted by Skye |

A live chat covering the anticipated debate between the remaining DNC presidential nominees. The debate will be hosted in Philadelphia at the National Constitution Center on Wednesday, April 16th, starting at 8:00 pm EST and ending at 10pm EST.

Thanks to all who participated in this live chat of the DNC presidential nominee debate in Philly. It was a debate that left one with a more obscure vision of what the Presidency of Obama or Clinton would look like.

Still shocked by Hilary's observation that the Republican's should not have run a candidate in this election cycle based on her low opinion of the administration's actions abroad and domestically. Throwing salt on this vicious attack this basic right of citizenship, was the applause from the assembled crowd. Frankly, I am embarrased to live in Philadelphia today.

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