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BSG 4 ~ Ties That Bind

Posted by Skye |

A good dose of the dark and creepy side of BSG.

Yet again, the writers kill off a strong female character. What is up with the SciFi genre and its murderous stance on strong female characters? You are gonna have to watch the episode to find out who finds her way out an airlock.

The cylons are in the midst of a full blown civil war and have rejected the principles of democracy. Happy now?

Kara is still lost in space, and the crew is growing increasingly annoyed with this mission. Sam and Kara share a twisted scene that bordered on domestic violence. I can't wait till Kara finds Earth, then returns to Galactica and Lee. I'd like to see Sam airlocked, but the writers tend to kill women and spare the men in this series.

Lee Adama is now a fledgling politician. *SIGH* I'm gonna miss this:

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