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BSG 4: He That Believth in Me

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Color me unimpressed.

A quick rundown of the premier episode:

The series picks up where it left off - with Kara's mysterious return from her apparent suicide. She also comes with the added bonus of having been to Earth, complete with a set of vacation photos from her trip.


No one believes her, of course, except for the newly single and jobless, Lee Adama.

After his acquittal
, Giaus Balter is quickly fitting into his new role as Jesus Christ - Superstar. Oh lords of kobol, spare us this lame plot device...so say we all!

All through the premiere episode, Kara claims to know the way to Earth through a gut feeling, and not through a detailed navigational star chart. Pfft....star maps are over-rated anyway - ask any Navy pilot!

Again, no one believes her. Except for the newly single and jobless, Lee Adama.

President Roslyn tells Kara to stuff it and continues the journey to Earth based on navigational charts and some prophecy of pythia. Whatever. The show ends with Kara demonstrating some kung fu moves she learned on her recent trip to Earth and holding a gun to the President's head.

To Be Continued

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