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Joey Speaks English!

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Speaking English!

If you ever find yourself at Geno's Steaks in Philadelphia (as We often did many years ago), you might be in for a political fight if you order a carne asada con queso or le bifteck avec fromage.

The city's human relations commission has ruled that a "speak English when ordering" sign does not discriminate against people who don't speak the language.

Proprietor Joey Vento argued that the sign at his South Philly cheesesteak stand was a political statement and that no one was ever denied service. He called it "a good victory."

"The bottom line is that I didn't do anything wrong," Vento, 68, told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Last December, I joined Don Giordano and Joey Vento on his big day in court. I created this video log of the day's events:

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