February swept in with a tremendous amount of love on display at the steps of the West Chester Courthouse. The patriots welcomed new faces to our merry band and one veteran gifted Sharon and her husband with medallions of St. Michael.

NeoCon presents a brilliant photo montage of the rally which can be viewed HERE.

The Sheepdog website has arrived! Go HERE to get an early look at the CCVM's new website! Thank you Sean for all your work on this website.

In the video below, Steve shares his St. Michael medallion with Sharon and takes time to recount some of the history of the 'Sky Soldiers':

A hero and his medallion.....Thank You Steve!

Yes, it IS that simple to achieve a lasting peace on earth:

Modern day Benedict Arnold's are the IVAW and WFP. Can we call them Useful Idiots now? Speaking of idiots, it seems my new found friends - the two John's - seemed to go out of their way to avoid contact with me yesterday. I can't imagine why, I thought things were cool between us?

The WIB's made a lackluster appearance at the Victory Rally, despite Karen's pleading. I expected more of a showing, but all that was on display were Karen, two retreads from the CCVM and the WIB pictured below.

Hatred for America comes in every shape, size and color; it is found most often under the banner of a 'peace' flag...

Next weekend, I will be covering the events at the annual CPAC meeting - so my dear peace protesters can relax and let their freak out - more than usual - since I will not be there to document it.

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