A beautiful Saturday in Berkeley West Chester, Pa brought out patriots to the steps of the West Chester Courthouse to remind the town that there are people who love and support our troops and their mission. We welcomed another local veteran into our fold this week. We are happy to have him join us and look forward to more gatherings with him.

The peace protesters were out in force, as usual, they had a plethora of ad hominen attacks, but nothing of substance to offer to the debate. What is it with peace protesters and parking illegally?

Speaking of debate, today there was a showdown of sorts in Berkeley, CA over Berkeley City Council's recent ruling to evict the Marines as univited, unwelcome, intruders and its official encouragement of Code Pink to impede the work of the Marines by protesting in front of the recruiting station.

During the protest members of Code Pink held signs of support for the troops as pictured below:

On a previous visit to the recruiting office, Code Pink left a creative way to show love and support for our military:

I know you are curious to know how this is linked to a small town in rural Pennsylvania. Well, it seems my favorite peace movement - Chester County Peace Movement, under the direction of Karen Porter, has been begging for support from the PhillyDelawareRiverAreaCodePink. It seems CCPM is now the BFF of Code Pink Delaware Valley. I'm sure the membership is more than happy to share the same love and support for our troops as their sisters in Berkeley. Both organizations support the troops - don't you know...

Sadly, her husband would not be welcome in Berkeley; if the Chester County Peace Movement and their new friends from Code Pink have their way, West Chester, PA will also be off limits to him as well.

Just to clarify what Code Pink and the CCPM mean when they say they 'support our troops', I present the following video:

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