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Friday's Musings at Blog Talk Radio

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Not one to stay static - tonight's BTR will be a collection of previous podcasts mixed by the uber talented Josh Allem.

The first podcast: Moonlighting With Skye

A few weeks ago, I enjoyed a fun conversation with Skye of Midnight Blue about Moonbats, my home town, the recalls and exports from China, the war on terror leading us to Iran, our dysfunctional 2 party system, socialism, the PC Police, Ann Coulter, Don Imus and trying to figure out exactly what 'nappy-headed' means. Originally recorded on November 9, 2007.

The second podcast: Liberal Logic?

During the last moments of the November 7th broadcast of "The Halls of Valhalla" Loki, Skye, Paul and I discussed the dangers of engaging the liberal mind. From that we went into the complexities of abortion and the application of the United States Constitution. The entire clip is about 16 minutes. Originally recorded on November 7, 2007.

Next week, the Victory Hour will be embracing the cultural phenomenon of 'change' that is sweeping through the campaigns of the DNC candidates. The Victory Hour is changing dates and time for the show to Saturday @ 5pm.

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